Antonio Pigafetta “Notes about the New World”

[…] We eat biscuits, but there are no biscuits, only their dust, mixed with worm pieces, because they have already eaten what was good; it smelled very strongly as mouse urine, and we drink yellow rotted for many days water, and we eat some ox skin; […] skins was very stiff because of the sun, of the rain and the wind.

We let it four or five days in the sea and then we put it on embers and in like this we eat it, and also many times we used to eat wood wool.

The mice were sold with one half of ducat per one and it had not been too much. But after all the misfortunes, this was the worst: the gums was growing at some ones up to the teeth, up and down, that they could not eat in any way… And in this way they were dieing because of this defect.

Nineteen people and the huge had been dead, together with an Indian from the earth of Verzin. Twenty five or thirty people was falling sick, some of them has arms aches, other legs aches or other body parts, in this way a few remained healthy […].

In these three months and twenty days we went almost four thousands leagues without stopping throw this Pacific Sea (it is true that is very quiet, because in this sea we had not storm) without seeing any coast, only two unlived islands, where we did found only birds and trees; we called it The Misfortune Islands. There is far one by the other at two hundreds leagues. We did not found the seabed alongside them, we saw only a lot of sharks […].

With Magellan around the world, Bucharest, the Scientifically Printing house, 1960.