Slavic symbols


Many differents symbols in all times in Pagan Times was very used!

One of most important was the Solar Symbol for the God of Sun: Dadzbog, with so many symbols like SWASTIKA (who it’s not nazi symbols but used in all Europe since beginning of history and it is strongly emphasized that this symbol is for Religion!)

SWASTIKA or SUNWHEEL was and is again so important in Slavic Faith but in all Pagan Religion in Europe and exist since 10 000 years! In Slavic countries first Swastika found is more of 6000 years old!!! it means good favor of gods, the quest for success, victory in battle, good yields. Like some pagan celebrations that will last until today, despite Christianity, Pagan symbols are still used in many countries.

In Russia two symbols was so important for Sun (the HORSE, was a sacred animals and the ROOSTER too). These 2 symbols from the Scythian art, which shows again a close link between them and Slavs! The symbol of the Rooster is fundamental and it will last longer than others. They are found in Embroidery and lace of Russia and the Balkans.

RECE BOGA is a proto Slavic symbol of the Slavic Faith (the Hands of God), it’s 4 hands (with 3, 5 or 6 fingers) stylised in a cross and often represented with 4 Solar symbols (Swastika) between the hands… The 4 Hands represent the 4 directions of a suprem God but no gods are represented with 4 hands … so maybe it can only be a sacred symbol Slave with a wrong name …. Great symbol used in all Slavic Territory!

The world for Slavic believers was represented like a TREE or like 3 LEVELS with in the top Gods, in the center, Humans people and the last level for the world of Dead. 3 words to explain the differents levels are Praw, Yaw and Naw.

Perun was the God of Warriors and lightning and in the last years of Paganism the most important God! three symbols are identified for him and they protect people against ligthning and bad things in life. One of these is the AXE TALISMAN who represent the weapon of Perun.(like the Hammer of Thor)

SWARZYCA it’s a great Slavic Pagan Symbol or maybe Proto Slavic! like Hand of God it’s a pure Slavic Symbol. The carved Swarzyca appear in a wall stone of a collegiate church at Kruszwica in Poland and it certainly a part from an ancient Slavic Temple in Poland destroyed.

It’s not really a symbol but I need to show MASKS of an important celebration as DZIADY. these MASKS are used during the Ritual when Spirits of the underworld come back on Earth. It’s the good day for them to visit us and their Families but at the place of celebration, humans can’t look them except Slavic “Priests” with these Masks to look like spirits too. It’s a really important thing!

TRISKEL means many things so it’s why it’s an important Symbol like the others (Past, Present, Future), (Standbuy, Sleep, Dream), (Childhood, Adulthood, Old Age), (Sky, Air, Land) it’s also the symbol for communication with the divine 3 levels.

Many more Symbols are used in Slavic Countries for differents Gods or other but here are the most important and today in the come back of our Faith we need to wear them with Honor like our Ancestors!!!



Миниатюрная повозка из Дупляя (Южный Банат, Воеводина)

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Миниатюрная повозка из Дупляя (Южный Банат, Воеводина)

Датировано примерно 1500 л.н.э

Культура Зуто Брдо- Гырла Маре (Сербия-Румыния)

Эта красивая фигура, которая видимо была найдена в гробнице, вместе с другой фигурой, представляет  собой боевую повозку с двумя колесами.

В центре миниатюрной повозки находится  антропоморфная мужская статуетка с головой птицы. На этой птице, на верхней части, находятся две свастики (с левой стороны – «левогира», с правой – «декстрогира»).

Между теми двумя крестами врезаны две спирали, а напротив них, на противоположных концах, есть два маленьких круга, расположенных по вертикали.

Другая свастика декстрогира изображена на уровне живота.

Некоторые историки считают, что эта статуетка изображает Аполлона Гиперборея, который представляет собой Вечное Солнце. Эти предположения появились благодаря старой легенде, которая гласит, что Аполлон путешествовал в Гиперборею в карете, запряженной Лебедями.

Сербский историк, Трбуховик, считает, что эта миниатюрная карета используется при урано-солнечном ритуале, для вызова дождя, ссылаясь на то, что шум,  произведённый боевой повозкой похож на шум грома.

Другие гипотезы информирует нас что эта карета являет собой средство для перевозки в загробный мир (например карета Тора запряженная двумя козлами, и Перуна, который в иудейе-христьянской вере стал Св. Ильей).

Образы птиц могут изображать души мёртвых.