In the age’s first century Palestine was occupied by Romans. In this age the Jewish religion was composed of many religious communities (sects).

The Sadducees’ aristocratically cast is the best representation from all. The Great Priests from the Temple of Jerusalem was recruited from this sacerdotal cast.

About member’s number, on the first place it is the Pharisee’s group, between this being selected the Jewish rabbis.

A part from the Sadducees was promoting the belief in a Messiah who will have deliverer role for Jewish. It is important to remark that Christ belong to this Jewish group.

Another Jewish group it was represented by the Zealots. They has the origin in Galilee’s earth and beside the religious ideology, they was asking for emancipation under the roman occupation of the entire Palestine, having character of paramilitary group, terrorist (attempt, armed wars, attacks upon the Roman guards etc).

Alongside the Sadducees, the Zealots was waiting for a prophet to came and to preach to the Jewish, motivating them at revolts against Romans, for emancipation. This Zealots’ Messiah would be the chief of the revolts against Romans.

This messiah character, in Zealots’ view was a prophetic one; by means of the prophetic religion succeeding to institute revolutionary mentality to the Jewish that was in servitude.

The community of the ones baptized by the John the Baptizer was representing another field of the Jewish religion, these having a certain connection with the Sadducee, this fact it is easy to understand from the John the Baptizer’s canonization by the Jewish-cretins in three big celebrations: The Saint John the Baptizer’s Synod (7th of January), John the Baptizer’s born (24th of June) and the Cutting of John the Baptizer’s head (29th of August).

John was Elisabeth’s son, which was Mary’s cousin, Jesus’ mother. John Baptizer’s father was the rabbi Pharisee Zachariah. In this way, Jesus’ sect was influenced by Sadducees and Pharisee. As a legitimacy of the Christ’s sect, we have as a prove the fact that John the Baptizer was waiting for the Jesus Christ’s coming, having messianic and prophetical role.

Finally, another Judaism’s field, was the one of the … , which were living isolated following some fanatical Judaist principles, represented by Moses. They were excluding the women from their religion and they belief in the soul’s undead and the sinner’s punish.

In sfarsit, o alta ramura a iudaismului, era cea a esenienilor, care traia izolata dupa niste principii fanatice ale iudaismului, reprezentat de Moise. Acestia excludeau femeile din comunitatea lor si credeau in nemurirea sufletului si pedepsirea pacatosilor de orice fel. They was also waiting for a Messiah, which will emancipate them by the Roman domination, and which will make the Jehovah – Adonai – Hosts –Eloah – Shaddai’s Imperium. (epithets for the supreme Jewish divinity, wrong translated in Jewish – Christianity as God.

This historical fact it is confirmed by the Qumram discovery of the Manuscripts from the Death Sea, in the year 1947.

By Kogaion