“Then, while Burebista’s reign at the Goths, Deceneus came in Gothia, the time when Sylla sized power at Roma. Receiving Deceneu, Burebista gave him almost a regal authority.

As his piece of advice, the Goths started to devastate German’s mucks, which were dominated by the Francs…

Telling this and many others with art to the Goths, Deceneus has became in them eyes a miraculous creature, as he managed not only the common men, but even the kings, because then he chosen between them the more important and wisest men and he taught them the theology, he advised them to pay honor to certain divinities and sanctuaries, making them priests and giving them the name of “pilleati”, because, as I believe, having the heads covered with a tiara, which we call with another term “pilleus”, they has made sacrifices.

For the rest of the folk he ruled the roast to be called “capillati”, name that the Goths remember till today in their songs, because they gave them a big consideration.

After Deceneus’ dead, they had, almost in the same veneration, Comosicus, because he was as ingenious as Deceneu was.

He was considered as king, as supreme priest, as high bloke too, because of his aptness and he was making justice for his folk as the last instance.

After he left the life, has ascending to the throne, as Goths’ king, Coryllus, which has led 40 years his folks from Dacia.”

Burebista statue in Orăştie

Burebista statue in Călăraşi

Burebista statue in București

By Kogaion