Age: aprox. 1500 BC (Late Bronze)

Culture: Žuto Brdo – Gârla Mare

This beautiful piece, seem to be discovered into a tomb, together with another piece, which represent two miniaturistic carts (war chariots): one with two wheels and other with three.

In the center of the chariot with two wheels, it is a anthropomorphic male statue, with a bird-head. On this bird, up, it’s an incision which represent two symbol of swastika (in left is a right-facing swastika and in the right place is a left-facing swastika).

Between them are two spirals, and in the front of them, in opposite side, in vertical direction, are two little circles.

Another left-facing swastika it’s at the base of abdomen.

Some historians think that this piece represent Hyperborean Apollo, which it’s the eternal Sun. These presumptions start because of the old legend which tell us that Apollo travel to Hyperborea into a chariot pulled by swans (you can observe that at the war chariot with three wheels).

Serbian historian Trbuhovic think that this miniaturistic chariot it’s used for practicing at a uranian and solar ritual, or for invocation of rain, because the noisiness from the chariot it’s like the noise of thunder.

Other hypothesis inform us that this war-chariot it could represent a vehicle for transportation to the otherworld, from the Sky. As examples you can see the chariot of Thor, drawn by two goats “Toothgnasher” and “Toothgrinder” or the chariot of Perun, which become Saint Elias at Christians.

The faces of birds could represent the soul of the deceased.

By Kogaion